Screen Printing Nesting Services

A screen printing nesting projectNesting

Nesting is attached to the substrate side of a screen, allowing the squeegee to glide smoothly across the screen, prolonging screen life by reducing edge wear. Schilling Graphics routes and cuts its Nesting out of foam, plastic or aluminum per the customer's desire. This type of option is especially helpful for thicker substrates such as automotive glass.


Schilling Graphics offers three different types of Nesting in various thicknesses.

Foam Nesting 1/8'', 3/16'', 1/4'' Foam NestingFoam Nesting
Plastic Nesting Up to 1/2'' Plastic NestingPlastic Nesting
Aluminum Nesting Up to 1/4'' Aluminum NestingAluminum Nesting

XY Cutter/Router Table

XY RouterXY Router

Few things are as impressive as watching a routing table run at full tilt. This piece of advanced technology provides Schilling Graphics the ability to route and cut Nesting at increased speeds. The table can route up to 1/4'' aluminum, 1/2'' plastic and cut 1'' of foam to be used as Nesting. By eliminating the need to out-source routing and hand cutting the foam, this router brings additional quality control and technical ability to Schilling Graphics. The machine is able to utilize CAD files directly into the desired material shapes within a +/-1mm accuracy.

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