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From the gradient units on a syringe to radiation aprons to equipment's casings, the screen possibilities are endless in the Medical industry. With two shared qualities, being speed and accuracy, the Schilling Graphics team is prepared to bring your vision in to view.

Applications : Labeling, Decoration, Membrane Switches


Screen printing provides fast and accurate printing for a variety of medical devices, along with other applications. Schilling Graphics offers a number of options and solutions to our customers to best fit their project and their production process.

Press Ready Screens
Press Ready screens are designed, and built, to be run on press upon delivery. This allows our customers to run at full tilt without having to pause or worry about additional tooling or required manufacturing. Schilling Graphics frames are constructed from high grade aluminum and engineered to provide maximum strength for minimal weight. Each frame is welded water tight and tediously prepped for best mesh adhesion.
One of our medical screen printing projectsPress Ready FramesFrames

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